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Kalos Pokedex is currently under development


Iron-fist: Moves flagged as being punch-based have 1.2× their base power for this Pokémon. Sucker Punch is not flagged as punch-based; its original, Japanese name only means "surprise attack".
Klutz: In battle, this Pokémon cannot use its held item, nor will the item have any passive effect on the battle, positive or negative. This Pokémon also cannot use Fling. The Speed cut from the Iron Ball and the effort items (the Macho Brace, Power Weight, Power Bracer, Power Belt, Power Lens, Power Band, and Power Anklet) is unaffected. Items that do not directly affect the battle, such as the Exp Share

No-guard: Moves used by or against this Pokémon never miss. One-hit KO moves are unaffected. Moves affected by this ability can hit Pokémon during the preparation turn of moves like Dig or Fly. Overworld: If the lead Pokémon has this ability, the wild encounter rate is doubled.

    • 59
    • 74
    • 50
    • 35
    • 50
    • 35
  • HP
  • ATK
  • DEF
  • Sp.ATK
  • Sp.DEF
  • SPD
  • 280
  • 210
  • 140
  • 70
  • 0

Base Stats for this Pokemon

This Pokemon is considered Genderless.

Height: 1 m
Weight: 92 kg

The base power of
Grass Knot / Low Kick
versus this Pokemon is 60

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