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Hohou's Home Pokedex: Ditto


Temporary Pokedex in-development for Kalos Region Pokemon (Generation 6).
Full XY Pokemon list can be found here

Traditional Pokemon:
Kalos Region Pokemon:

Basic Pokemon Info
Species: Ditto (#132)

Gender Ratio:
0% Male / 100% Female

Abilities / Traits
The Pokémon cannot be Paralysed while having this ability.
Imposter (Hidden)
Hidden Ability (Available): Imposter: When sent into battle, the Pokémon automatically transforms into a random opponent that is on the field.

Base Stats and Weaknesses
Base Stats:
    • 48
    • 48
    • 48
    • 48
    • 48
    • 48
  • HP
  • ATK
  • DEF
  • Sp.ATK
  • Sp.DEF
  • SPD
  • 280
  • 210
  • 140
  • 70
  • 0

Base Stats for this Pokemon

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Evolution Info

Evolution Info:

Generation VI Level Up
LevelAttack NameTypeCategoryPowerAccuracyPPEffect %
Transform Other -- -- 10 --
The user transforms into a copy of the target right down to having the same move set.

Transfer Only Moves
Attack NameTypeCategoryPowerAccuracyPPEffect %Method

Soon you'll be able to find a good moveset for Ditto for competitive use when our database is finished updating for generation 6. Pokedex, movepools, movesets, base stats, and more!

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