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Hohou's Home - Quick Cacada
Focus Sash
Quick Cacada
submitted by HyperBeam

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Species: Ninjask [View Kalosdex]
We have determined that this Pokemon's Role
is best defined as a Physical Tank and Baton Passer

Item: Focus Sash
Focus SashHeld: If the holder has full HP and is attacked for regular damage that would faint it, this item is consumed and prevents the holder's HP from lowering below 1. This effect works against multi-hit attacks, but does not work against the effects of Doom Desire or Future Sight.

Trait: Speed Boost
Raises Speed one stage after each turn.

EVs: 248 Hp / 192 Atk / 68 Spd /

Adamant Nature (+Atk , -SAtk)

Swords Dance Swords Dance
Type: Normal
Power:0 | PP: 20
Accuracy: -
Effect: Status

Baton Pass Baton Pass
Type: Normal
Power:0 | PP: 40
Accuracy: -
Effect: Status

Substitute Substitute
Type: Normal
Power:0 | PP: 10
Accuracy: -
Effect: Status
The user makes a copy of itself using some of its HP. The copy serves as the user's decoy.

X-Scissor X-scissor
Type: Bug
Power:80 | PP: 15
Accuracy: 100%
Effect: Physical
The user slashes at the foe by crossing its scythes or claws as if they were a pair of scissors.
Type: Fighting
Power:0 | PP: 10
Accuracy: -
Effect: Status
It enables the user to evade all attacks. Its chance of failing rises if it is used in succession.

Select:Damage Taken for Selected Generation:


Ninjask's absurd Speed allows it to set up on almost any Pokemon lacking Taunt.Swords Dance is vital to this set, as Speed Boost and Swords Dance work in conjunction to pass as many boosts to the next Pokemon as quickly as possible. Substitute is also an important move, as it allows Ninjask to attain more boosts in safety. Furthermore, passing a Substitute along with the boosts provided by Ninjask can often mean the difference between a swift victory and a wasted slot on the team.

While Ninjask is not one to be sweeping, X-Scissor prevents it from becoming complete Taunt bait, and also may score a surprise kill if Ninjask can net a super effective hit. Protect is an option in the last slot, as it allows Ninjask to bypass Fake Out. While it does make Ninjask more vulnerable to Taunt in theory, it guarantees that Ninjask will be able to secure at least one Speed Boost and still Baton Pass to the next Pokemon in line safely.

Focus Sash is the primary item, as it allows Ninjask to live at least one hit and then Baton Pass any boosts it accquired. However, if you do not intend to ever lead with Ninjask, Leftovers could possibly see some use, as it ensures Ninjask will be able to safely switch into Stealth Rock twice

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This is a good moveset for ninjask (Pokemon #291) with the speed-boost ability/trait, a Adamant nature, and equipped with Focus Sash submitted by HyperBeam. For use in competitive Pokemon battles featuring an Export option and breeding guide.
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