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Hohou's Home - Frozen Outrage
Life Orb
Frozen Outrage
submitted by HyperBeam

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Species: Kyurem [View Kalosdex]
We have determined that this Pokemon's Role
is best defined as a Mixed Sweeper

Item: Life Orb
Life OrbHeld: Damage from the holder's moves is increased by 30%. On each turn the holder uses a damage-inflicting move, it takes 10% its max HP in damage.

Trait: Pressure
Increases the PP cost of moves targetting the Pokémon by one.

EVs: 32 Atk / 252 SAtk / 224 Spd /

Hasty Nature (+Spd , -Def)

Draco Meteor Draco Meteor
Type: Dragon
Power:130 | PP: 5
Accuracy: 90%
Effect: Special

Blizzard Blizzard
Type: Ice
Power:110 | PP: 5
Accuracy: 70%
Effect: Special
A howling blizzard is summoned to strike the foe. It may also freeze the target solid.

Earth Power Earth Power
Type: Ground
Power:90 | PP: 10
Accuracy: 100%
Effect: Special

Outrage Outrage
Type: Dragon
Power:120 | PP: 10
Accuracy: 100%
Effect: Physical
The user rampages and attacks for two to three turns. However, it then becomes confused.

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This is a good moveset for kyurem (Pokemon #646) with the pressure ability/trait, a Hasty nature, and equipped with Life Orb submitted by HyperBeam. For use in competitive Pokemon battles featuring an Export option and breeding guide.
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